About Us

I am now a retired qualified technician with a passion for Sim Racing, I am based in the Carina area of Brisbane but use a shop owned by a friend for any drop offs you may need to get to me (see page footer). I may be retired but I still beleive in offering a true customer service by supporting the Sim Racing community with hopefully good solid products.

I started out in the 80's servicing computers when the TRS-80, Atari 400 and Apple II were the rage, I had a small shop at Annerley above a PC retail store known as "Considering Computers".In the mid-ninties I started following the security industry installing C@K security systems. That move led me into Hardwired, Telephone and Radio based Nurse Call systems which was the main product for over 15 years at which time also started on Ducted Vac, Security & Intercom systems.