BMW E36 dashes can be supplied with or without Gear Number displays fitted.
Other small electronics dashes can be supplied
All dashes need SIMHUB to function

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Add a BMW E36 dash to your sim rig, shows Speed, Revs, fuel level and water temp.
BMW E36 Dash Cluster

This is a genuine BMW E36 cluster that have been modified to provide RPM, SPEED, FUEL LEVEL, and a fixed TEMP in most simracing titles.

The odometer is tied to the speedo so the actual kilometers count does increase with distance, the resettable trip meter also works (if power removed the resettable counter resets to zero), the fuel gauge works in most games and low fuel light illuminates at about 25-30 litres remaining. The dash lights are wired ON permanently.

As the cluster was purchased secondhand there may be a few minor scratches and blemishes beyond our control. The 3 months warranty offered only covers the arduino mod itself and incase of a failure only the arduino mod is covered.

A Gear Number display can be added as an optional extra, the Gear number is mounted inside of the dash cluster and covers 3 existing lamp not used in the mod.

The Dash comes with a 12 volt 2.5 amp power pack and USB cable. The dash uses "SimHub" available at https://www.simhubdash.com/ it is donateware and recommend you donate something to the developer for his excellent programming. When checkout is complete the buyer will receive via email the Simhub setup instructions and protocol file to get the dash and/or gear display working.

PLEASE NOTE: as simhub is continually getting upgraded the pictures in the instructions may vary to the current version of simhub but are still relevant.

Download the Simhub dash setup manual here.
Protocol text file.
Add a BMW E36 dash to your sim rig, shows Speed, Revs, fuel level and water temp.
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