LT-5 50Kg USB Load Cell Kit for Logitech Pedals (PC only)

Upgrade your Logitech pedals with the latest Load Cell Kit which includes a USB converter to add greater sensitivity and a more realistic pedal feel and operation in game.
Please note the design has changed as the photos are of the prototype model.

THIS MOD ONLY REQUIRES a screwdriver, spanner and 2 x allen keys to install. Due to production and wiring changes in Logitech pedal manufacture this mod is for use with a USB adapter. There are too many variations to supply multiple versions of the same kit for the Logitech pedals.

For those adventurous simmers or console gamers it is possible to use without a USB adapter with a little experimentation however we only supply this kit as USB. No advise or warranty is given if you wish to adapt this kit yourself.  

 Great mod for Logitech Users.
 complete with USB adapter (PC ONLY). 
 Adds much more pressure to a set of pedals that normally has a light brake.
 Better feeling pedal with better pedal modulation.
 Included USB adapter which increases pedal sensitivity (see below for explanation).
 Easy to Install (some basic skills needed to install).
 Shorter pedal throw.
 LOAD CELL strength 50Kg.
 Adjustable sensitivity at the wheel base.
 Lower lap times making you faster.
 Race car hard pressure pedal feel (with small dead zone for left foot braking).
 Works with other USB adaptors (Leo Bodnar adapters tested).
 USB adapter is discounted 25% with this kit.

Watch a review of our Thrustmaster T3PA-Pro Load Cell Kit, by Shaun Cole of "The Simpit".

This mod requires you to install the load cell hardware inside the pedal base itself so the pedals require for the removal of the pedal faces and top panel of the pedals. The 3 wires from the existing brake potentiometer are to be removed and the pedal base frame removed from the pedal base (4 screws). Not to panic as these operations are very simple to perform (see manual).

The load cell is mounted using the existing pedal base frame and bolts directly to the frame base with no drilling or modification at all to the existing pedals. The only modification that needs to be done is enlarge the existing cable access hole in the rear of the pedals to allow for the adjustment box cable to be extended out. Also cut away a small portion of the inside top cover to make room for the load cell main body.

Plug the existing pedal cable into a USB adapter and the USB cable into your PC. Then run the calibration control box cable up to the wheelbase and mount the small box (potentiometer control) at a convenient location to allow pedal calibration whilst seated at the wheel. 

The electronics in the small 3D printed box (inside the pedal base) converts the tiny changes in the load cell into a 0—3V variable signal that the wheelbase can understand. The control box behind the wheelbase is used to adjust the sensitivity of the load cell.

Why is the pedal sensitivity increased when using a USB adapter?

The standard pedals send a signal range of 256 possible steps to the wheelbase for pedal position in game whereas using the USB adapter the signal range is increased to 1024 possible steps directly to the game thus increasing the sensitivity of the pedal positioning data.  

To calibrate run the inbuilt Windows joystick calibration tool. instructions here.

THAT’S it YOUR DONE!! Easy !!!

Download the install manual here.
last updated 7/03/2021

  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Model: LT-5
  • Manufacturer:BF Electronics

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