Universal replacement cup kit for all Thrustmaster Plug & Play load cell kits.

This kit is used to replace broken or worn out rubber buffer blocks for Thrustmaster Pro and T3PA plug & play load cell kits.
Replacement buffer block kit for all plug & play load cell kits.

For 50Kg models the replacement of the cup kit is a delicate procedure, the wires connecting the load cell sensor are very tiny and fragile and can easily break. We do offer a replacement service which includes the cup and rubber block (post not included).

If you prefer us to install for you then here is the link:   Universal cup kit fitting service

Kit comprises of;

2 x 3D printed mounting cups.
2 x rubber buffer blocks.
1 x mount screw.
1 x small tube supa glue.

Download the install manual here
last updated 12/05/2021
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  • Model: BUFKIT-5
  • Manufacturer:BF Electronics

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