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As there is not a high calling for the mods in this category all parts are ordered when an order has been placed in the store with a 4 week delay due to trying to keep the pricing low all parts come from China. If you require these kits faster we will need to source from Australian suppliers which will in some cases double the price.

All mods in this category require the free (donateware) Simhub software to be downloaded from here , please support the developer by donating a small amount to keep him going so he can provide more functions, updates and add more games to the already huge list of games that Simhub can work with. All kits are programmed to talk to Simhub out of the box.

SIM WIND kit come complete including separate desk mount fans, controller in enclosure with or without a power supply, the controller, motor board and fans are powered by a 12 Volt 3 amp power supply and controlled via USB.
Fans can be controlled individually and are setup via Simhub to respond during cornering and road speed etc, also the kit has an override switch to operate the fans continuously for those hot days when being cool overrides the need for immersion.

PEDAL VIBRATOR kits are designed to simulate road effects and ABS braking vibrations etc thru your pedals, the kits are designed to to work on all brand pedals so the brackets that hold the motors is universal and you may need to do a bit of fiddling to mount to your particular brand of Pedals.
There are 2 variations, either 2 or 3 motor kits, the kits use PS4 vibration motors as they use the same size/weight counter weights thus providing equal vibrations across all pedals. Included in all kits is the controller and motor driver board, USB cable and 3D printed enclosure. 

BASS SHAKER kit is designed to add either 2, 4 or 6 small bass shaker (puks) to be mounted in your seat and can be covered by a seat cover or similar (seat cover not included). Each shaker is controlled by a 20 Watt amplifier connected to a 6 channel usb sound controller. The base configuration (2 puks) is powered by a 12V 5 Amp power supply and is advised that a small 300 Watt PC ATX power supply is used for the 4 and 6 puk systems. Usually the 2 puks are enough to provide the necessary immersion during driving.

MORE TO COME (02/06/2021)

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This kit comes in either 2 motor or 3 motor configurations, comes complete ready to go. All you need to do is mount the motors to your pedals and plug into your PC and install free software (downloaded from internet).
The fans are connected via the terminals on the motor shield
Universal Pedal Vibration kit (for PC only) (SIMVIBE)
These kits are designed (via Simhub Software) to simulate the road vibrations and braking effects through your pedals. The kit requires you to download Simhub from here, and mount the vibration motors to your pedals. As this kit is a universal kit to enable you to use on any brand pedals the motor mounts only have a mounting hole in it's base to mount to your pedals.

The base kit comprises of the following;
  1.  2 x PS4 controller motors with universal mounts - with 1 meter cables.
  2.  1 x USB controller, motor driver and USB cable - in 3D printed housing.
Link to Simhub basic install guide.  (to come soon)
This kit comes in either 2 motor or 3 motor configurations, comes complete ready to go. All you need to do is mount the motors to your pedals and plug into your PC and install free software (downloaded from internet).
Sim Wind, Dual Fans, 12 Volt for for use on PC with Simhub.

The Sim Wind gives you a sensation of driving with wind on your face. As your speed increases so does the wind in your face. The faster you go the faster the fans spin. The fans run on an MCU and is driven by the SIMHUB App by developer “wotever”.

The SIMHUB free/donateware software can be downloaded from  Please support the developer by donating to keep him adding more features and game compatibility. As the fan has powerful airflow there is no need for addition of air straighteners, even though the fans are electronically controlled there is a manual “override”  switch.


The MCU is the heart of the SIM WIND FAN controller and is used to drive the fans and motor control board. However, as the fans are controlled by SIMHUB many other accessories can be added such as Tachometer, Gear Number display, Speedo’s, Boost Gauge, pedal vibration motors etc. 

The SIM WIND system is compatible with many games such as Assetto Corsa 1&2, Project Cars 1&2, RF1&2, Grid titles, F1 Titles, iRacing, Dirt Rally, Automobilista Titles and more.


Install the SimHub App onto your PC.

1. Plug the USB cable from the control box to your PC.
2. Plug the fans into the control box.
3. Connect a power supply.
4. Configure your game (see included manual)
5. Ready to race

The package includes the following:
 Control Box.
 Dual SIM WIND fans.
 12V 5Amp power supply (optional).
 1x USB cable.

You can see the modified photos of the fans attached to my sim rig, the clamp base is cut and shortened. The cut ends are reinforced with 3D printed end plugs to allow of a screw/bolt to be inserted and mounted to your own bracket without crushing the base.

The MCU is pre programmed ready to be used with SimHub software. The author of Simhub (developer "Wotever") offers the software for free and only asks for a donation to help him continue to add more devices and game driver compatibility. We recommend you donate around $5 as a minimum but is not compulsory we feel sure once you start using the software you will agree should be supported.



No more hogging the cool breeze! Dual fans means you and your observer can both keep cool.
Individual adjustment so you can point them precisely where you want to. The fans can be modified to mount on either side of your sim rig (see options below for explanation) .

These fans do a much better job than the conventional fans used in sim wind systems available. The breeze is softer than the case fan style normally used and has a much wider breeze angle without the intense forced fan wind effect.

I have had these fans for over 12 months now and would not go back to the case fan style ever again.

- Dual 130mm fans.
- 12VDC powered (optional)
- Base clamp mounting.
- Fans can be individually rotated and pivoted
The fans are connected via the terminals on the motor shield
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